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Tailored Training to boost your industry knowledge

Business intelligence is a tool to support the decision making process and provides an overview of the different activities of the company.It requires knowing the different trades of an organization. Its objective is to offer, based on your various company data and its environment, a decision and strategic steering support.

GSYSINFO Inc. offers you the most extensive training on the BI tools.

Define Business Intelligence (BI)

• Elements of a program BI

• Develop the process of decision-making computing

• Create the BI business case

• Identify barriers to BI implementation

• New BI terminology

• The six BI challenges

Create a BI roadmap and assess whether the company is ready for it

• assess BI levels of maturity

• Business analysis and BI roadmap

• Identify the desired result for a given situation

• overcome BI current challenges

Review the technical infrastructure

• Allow and facilitate the systems for BI

• Understand your data

• Structured Data vs unstructured data

• Identify the essential and variables attributes

Set up a repository of data governance

• Align with the standards and business strategy

• Protect your data

• Measure data quality

• integrate enterprise architecture and BI

• Design and plan BI processes

• Create a BI strategy

• Assess the business benefits of strategic organizational context vs tactical

• Begin BI with processes focused on results

• Deliver well-constructed results

Iteration of the BI metamodel

• Achieve the desired result from a specific business scenario

• Target the processes to achieve the desired result

• Derive the actions and decisions from the desired outcome

Data treatment

• Top-Down analysis vs Bottom-Up

• Set data quality metric

• Design business metadata normalized

• Clean the data

Develop the data warehouse

• Select data Sources


• Extract data from multiple sources

• Load the data into a data warehouse

Business process modeling

• Browse the data

• Create the suitable diagram

• Choose the dimensions and hierarchies

Organise a Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC)
Raise the six BI challenges with the BICC

• Support stakeholders

• Support the business strategy

• Share the knowledge across the organization

Create the BICC

• Promote expertise across the company

• Create a BICC checklist

• Clarify the functions of the BICC

• Structure of the BICC

Implement and refine the BI solutions
Assessment of the BI tools

• Select the criteria of the BI tools

• Explore the online analytical processing tools

• Cut your data with multidimensional cubes

• Examine the characteristics of data exploration

• Review data exploration tools

Consult BI suppliers

• Ability to deliver

• Completeness of the product

Using performance measurement tools

• Display information by using the digital dashboard

• Define effective key performance indicators (KPI)

• Communicate with key Stakeholders through scorecards

Work with BI

• Apply the BI process across the organization

• Integrate the BI process in the day-to- day management activities

• Forecast analysis of for your financial results

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